ESEP Regional Coordinator

Norman S. Valeroso
Regional Education Program Supervisor
Telephone number: (083) 2288825
Mobile number: 09068107929

A program designed to strengthen Science and Math education delivered through special science classes in public secondary schools implementing a specialized Science & Math curriculum.  Supported by a subsidy fund since 2008.


a. Program Support Fund at the Central (Science Fairs, Test Development, Curriculum Development); and
b. Subsidy to Schools

Per school:

Fixed Cost: P140,000.00 

Variable Allocation: P500.00 per student at two (2) sections per year

level but not to exceed 320 students or P120,000.00

Class size: 1:40


Eligible Activities/Expenses:

•Supplies and materials  re: conduct of science investigatory projects;
•Laboratory/Rental Fees of students’ re: researches/projects by authorized agencies), transport, etc.;
•Subscription expenses for print & non-print Ims in Science and Math;
•Professional Development/Training of Science and Math teachers;&
•Minor repair and maintenance of science labs. & science equipment.


Eligible Students:

•Students with general average of 85% in Science and Math & 83% in the rest of the subjects, no grade below 80% in any grading period;