MG Regional Coordinator

Felina M. Mendoza, Ph. D.
Regional Education Program Supervisor
Telephone number: (083) 2288825
Mobile number: 09219976686

This program intends to democratize access to and improve the quality of elementary education through the realization of complete elementary schools and the organization of multigrade classes in sparsely populated, isolated and hard-to-reach areas. The program maintains education services in barangays with decreasing enrolment and maximizes the use of thin resources like lack of classrooms, teachers, and other education resources.



Multigrade  – Multigrade  – One (1) teacher in 1 classroom per class (maximum of 30 learners for Grades 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 per class)

Purely Multigrade  –  One (1) teacher in 1 classroom per class

(maximum of 30 pupils for Grades 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6)


Eligible Expenses (traditional):

a. Improvement of the learning environment through development, procurement, and production of print and non-print instructional supplementary reading and reference materials;
b. Professional development of teachers and school heads through the conduct of division, district, or school-based trainings, participation to conferences/congress/conventions/seminar-workshops and educational visits to schools/institutions which have been known for their best MG education technology;
c. Purchase of pupils’ learning kits and school supplies, support to pupil development activities such as participation to academic contests, educational visits, camping, leadership training, and other co-curricular activities; and
d. Support to Feeding Program of the school.