SPA/S Regional Coordinator

Marianella P. Angeles
Regional Education Program Supervisor
Telephone number: (083) 2288825
Mobile number: 09272540330

SPA is a nationwide program for secondary students with potentials and talents in the arts namely; Music Visual Arts, Theater Arts, Media Arts, Creative Writing and Dance; Piloted in 17 schools and later adopted by 51 secondary schools.

SPS is a program aimed to address the needs of secondary students with potentials/talents in sports namely: Archery, Arnis, Badminton, Chess, Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Dancesport Under the program, the students undergo an 4-15 hours per week training under trained coaches.  specializing in sports where they excel in. Initially implemented in 15 HSs & later mainstreamed in 300 HSs.

Program Coverage: Same schools get the fund support for two (2) consecutive years as developmental fund. Currently covers:

Component/Allocation:  Subsidy to Schools @ P500,000 per school

Eligible Activities/Expenses:

  • Student development activities such as training, workshop, participation in DepEd-approved festivals, competitions;
  • Procurement of art/music/sports supplies, costumes/uniform and instructional materials in the different art/sports areas;
  • Training of teachers and administrators on arts/sports; and
  • Participation of teachers in DepEd-sponsored scholarship programs, professional upgrading of   teachers including enrolment in a master’s degree program in arts/sports.
  • Sports: 1:45 per class at 2 classes per year level with different no. of students per specialization;
  • Arts: 1:50 per class per class with 7 students minimum per specialization;



  • Recipient schools shall conduct a yearly monitoring training program to schools within the division/region which intend to implement the same  program as well as giving access to other schools on the equipment & facilities;
  • Participants on the program must continue to participate in the national/international events/competition;
  • Student-beneficiaries must have achieved the mean percentage score (MPS) above the national average in the National Achievement Test (NAT)