SSES Regional Coordinator

Corona S. Dilangalen
Regional Education Program Supervisor
Telephone number: (083) 2288825

•SSES is a research and development project designed to develop students with higher aptitude for science and mathematics through the implementation of an enhanced science and mathematics curriculum at the elementary level. Children enrolled in the program are identified using set criteria and are primed to be mainstreamed to the Science and Technology High Schools.

•The project was piloted in SY 2007 – 2008 to selected 57 schools in 55 divisions in the 16 regions particularly among the gifted and fast learners classes in Special Education Centers and regular schools.

Eligible Expenses:
–Provision/Conduct of  activities such as investigatory projects, leadership training, workshop and/or educational visits and participation in Science-related activities for the development of pupils;

–Purchase of assessment materials and payment for professional services of psychologists and psychometricians in the screening and identification of Grade-1 entrants;

–Capability building of teachers and school heads through their participation in conferences, trainings, seminars and immersion training in science-oriented schools; and
Procurement of reference books, textbooks, psychological tests, video materials and software in Science, Mathematics and English, instructional materials/resources including maintenance and minor repairs of devices/facilities e.g. science model, apparatuses, etc.