SPED Regional Coordinators

Suzanne Berba
Regional Education Program Supervisor
SPED Elementary
Telephone number: (083) 2288825
Mobile number:09497369975

Norman S. Valeroso
Regional Education Program Supervisor
SPED Secondary
Telephone number: (083) 2288825
Mobile number: 09068107929

  • SPED is designed to serve students with special needs. Currently covers 385 elementary SPED centers and 190 secondary schools with SPED classes, across the country. Enjoys fund support since 2008: @ 500,ooo per elem SPED Center; for secondary, a fixed cost & variable allocation depending on enrolment per exceptionality.
  • Caters to 11 exceptionalities, namely: mentally retarded, learning disabled, behavior problems, hearing impairment, visual impairment, speech defective, orthopedically handicapped, multiply handicapped, chronically ill, developmental handicapped.

Eligible Expenses:

a. ROs & DOs allocation for monitoring the implementation of programs & projects for children with special needs;
b. Pupil development activities, i.e. training, educational visits, camp activities, sports and pupil participation in SPED related activities;
c. Procurement of instructional and reference materials, psychological and other assessment tests, early intervention materials, supplies for the Transition Program, manipulative materials for the gifted and talented, and other disabilities;
d. Professional upgrading of teachers and school heads/super-visors and travel expenses relative to their participation and attendance to activities relevant to the implementation of the program; and
e. Standard in procuring IMs for the gifted children.